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to be artificial.

Janette and Jeff Zacharias

Bob and Carol Wirsz

Sisters, Janette and Carol along with their spouses, Jeff and Robert (Bob) have been in business together for the past 25 years.

Although each came from a different educational background and had varied occupational experiences, they came together to form a residential property management and holding company.

Rent Moncton Properties began in 1985 when Carol and Janette's parents bought a multi-unit property as a way to pay for the university educations of their children. As the business grew, Carol and Bob, Jeff and Janette joined Rent Moncton Properties.   In 1996 the group designed and built their first residential rental building. Other building projects followed bringing the total number of units built to 150. The group's holdings continued to grow to over 200 units with a value of more than $13 million. In 2011, construction began on a 36-unit condominium project, which is currently nearing phase one completion. As well as multi-unit apartment buildings, the group has constructed more than 24 single-family homes.