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There is no other franchise like goji's! Becoming a goji's franchisee gives you access to our exclusive brand, systems, training and support; everything you need to help you on the road to success with your own goji's Neighbourhood Treatery store.

goji’s was conceived while visiting a yogurt shop during a family vacation.  The next few months were a jostle of activities as ideas became plans and plans turned into reality.  On December 15, 2012 our doors opened and goji’s was officially born.  The response from the public was pure delight and astonishment!  They had never seen anything like this and they loved it immediately. They loved everything about goji’s – from the vibrant, happy colours and warm fireplace to the cheerful staff and of course, the actual frozen yogurt. Within a few weeks of opening it was common to see customers lined up out the door patiently waiting to enjoy their goji’s treat.

A question that we were asked nearly every day was “Is this a franchise?” Then we began to get people asking us to sell them a franchise.  The interest was very strong and it was clear to us that the goji’s experience could reach far beyond our local yogurt shop. So we decided to franchise goji’s and that brings us to “now” and to You.  “You” are the next chapter in the goji’s story.

A goji’s franchise is an opportunity to bring something to your area that is new, fresh and rewarding. It is a lot of fun and a lot of work.  There is a lot to learn and a lot to plan for.  And we will be there for it all - from store design, equipment and decor to product, inventory and opening day.  But most importantly, we will be there after opening day to support you throughout your franchise term. We will  make sure you have all the information and tools we can provide to ensure you have a beautiful store and a successful business. We understand the mutual benefit that comes from success shared between us.

Any business can only be as good as the product it offers.  Right from the beginning of the goji’s idea we were insistent that we be able to offer the absolute best product in the frozen yogurt industry or we wouldn’t proceed with the business.  Not only did we find that “best product”, we also control all aspects of that product right from the recipes to the manufacturing.  goji’s yogurt is proprietary and made exclusively for us. This allows us to create nutritious new yogurts that no other yogurt franchise can offer.  Exclusively made for goji’s our genuine fresh frozen yogurt is made from premium ingredients, and packed with live and active cultures. Decadently creamy, irresistibly tangy and superbly nutritious, our  fat-free, gluten-free, and certified kosher frozen yogurt will never disappoint. So you see, we really do have it all covered -- right from the dairy to the delight on your customer’s faces!

Again, we are so pleased that you would consider becoming part of goji’s Frozen Yogurt family.  We can hardly wait for you to experience the wonder of your customers as they come into your store for the first time; the giggles of delight when you explain the self-serve process and the “OMG” comments when they taste the best frozen yogurt product anywhere!

If we can be of any assistance to you please feel free to contact us.  We are very excited to become a part of your team and your dream!

The goji’s family


For franchise and or general information please contact:

Janette Zacharias
Toll Free: 1-844-204-3274


Corporate Offices
1120 Findlay Boulevard
Riverview, NB
E1B 0J6